HGTV Job Posting: Host Duo – Red Fez (Issue 89)

Million Dollar Mailboxes is an exciting new offering for those who have embraced the minimalist movement and are now experiencing wealth dysphoria in their tiny homes. Seeking a pair of hosts for a revolutionary show, coming this fall!

A Public Apology for the Crude Display of My Listicles – Red Fez (Issue 81)

The mayor of a small town makes a somewhat less than apologetic speech for jumping on the Buzzfeed bandwagon in the name of social reform and daring to meet the public on their level.

These Walls Can Talk – Drunk Monkeys (March 2015)

When you move into an old house you have to expect a few ghosts, but no one expects what Danny and I found in the basement. I screamed, I laughed, I wanted to torch the place to the ground.

Santa and Co. – Red Fez (Issue 63)

After Timmy (who should have been on the naughty list) makes an indecent proposal early one Christmas morning, Santa’s elves explore a new, more economical toy delivery option that the Big Guy hates.

The Lions’ Day Off – Stinkwaves Magazine (Summer 2014)

When zoo janitor Joe notices the lion exhibit is empty, the zookeeper flippantly informs him she’s given them the day off. Armed only with a tranquilizer gun, Joe heads into the city to bring back the lions.