Writers are Terrible People – Thought Catalog (August 2016)

A critical look at the culture that self-publishing hath wrought.

Throw It Against the Wall and See What Sticks – Red Fez (Issue 91)

As a skeptic, I visited the psychic fair without high hopes. What I found was a Sylvia Browne wannabe with a lot of misdirectional tricks up her sleeve.

To Love a Predator – Asynchronous (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

Sixteen can be a trying age, particularly when your parents are unstable, and coming of age to the sounds of a dial-up connection has its own set of problems – but my Internet boyfriend saved my life.

Newbie to Technical Writer in 4 Easy Steps – I’d Rather Be Writing (April 2015)

Advice to new technical writers in the first few months of their career, from a fellow newbie technical writer.

Publish or Perish – Letters to a Young Librarian (November 2014)

Whether it’s presenting or publishing, sometimes it can be difficult to decide when you’ve come up with an idea that’s “good” enough – when in doubt, share your knowledge!

Using Menus in Library Instruction Marketing – Instruction Interest Group, Academic Library Association of Ohio (February 2014)

An examination of one academic library’s use of library instruction menus to entice faculty members to utilize library class visits.