itunsevqHi, I’m Kaylin. I do a lot of weird things.

In college, I ran a blog ring of five people role-playing a zombie outbreak in our small college town. We were so convincing, one of my bloggers got called to a meeting with the campus president and the mayor to reassure them that our project was fictional.

I once spent an entire day sitting on the floor of my dorm room with an assortment of unwrapped candies and a camera on a tripod, trying to master the art of stop-motion animation. My roommate came home to find me moving Jolly Ranchers in miniscule increments, said, “Kaylin, you do the most random shit,” and walked out again.

I then went on to create my cinematic masterpiece, a poultry-parody of Jenny from the Block (“I’m still- I’m still a chicken from the flock”), and thus having done all I could for the film industry, retired forever.

These days, I write short stories with an emphasis on absurdity and novels about the consequences of falling in love with people you meet in abandoned buildings. I’ve reached the height of my cynicism and sarcasm at the ripe old age of 29, and I think that if you appreciate random shit and have a weird sense of humor, we’ll get along great.